Blue Star Cremation is a group of cremation packages offered by Wheeler & Woodlief Funeral Home and Cremation Services, and are available online only.  Payment must be made prior to services rendered. If a death has occurred, the legal next of kin must sign the Cremation Authorization and Funeral Contract required by law.

Death Certificate
The Death Certificate will be filed electronically (by the funeral home) and sent to the county health department once the purchaser has provided all of the necessary vital statistics. The Death Certificate must be completed by the funeral home and signed by the attending physician before cremation can take place.

Privacy Policy
We are committed to ensuring our customer’s privacy. Blue Star Cremation does not sell, exchange or make available to third parties, the email addresses or telephone numbers of customers. We respect your online time and privacy and are committed to maintaining and using this information responsibly. Our website transactions are protected by Secure Socets Layer (SSL).

Shipping Policy

It is our policy to only mail cremated remains in a container suitable for shipping. We will mail by the U.S. Postal Service Registered Mail only. For cost see the General Price List.

Checkout Policy
Checkout is a feature on our website that allows you to make arrangements from our site without creating or using an account. While using Checkout, you will be required to enter the following information: First and last name, billing address, telephone number, credit card information and an email address where we can send order and shipping notifications. This information will not be saved on our site and you will have to re-enter it every time you use Checkout.