Medical Examiner Certification


In North Carolina, a Medical Examiner Certification is legally required except in the following situations:

  1. Medical examiner cases
  2. The persons who died was less than 24 hours of age
  3. Inpatients (not ER patients) in a licensed hospital
  4. Patients in a licensed nursing home (not resting home)
  5. Persons who die under the care of a licensed hospice
  6. Persons who die in another state and that state have given written authorization for a cremation
  7. Persons who die in another state and whose death would not have required ME authorization for cremation had the death occurred in North Carolina

By selecting “Yes” you acknowledge that the use of a medical examiner is required, and agree to pay the $50 fee. If you are unsure, please select “I don’t know” and continue planning online. One of our knowledgeable staff members will follow up with you to confirm, but please note that you may be required to pay the $50 fee if a Medical Examiner Certification is required.

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